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Rebellious Report—02.16.2021

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Some great advice below on quick breakfasts, cravings, and heart health. And, take a look at the other articles on improving your mood with good eating and starting a better way to lose weight.

You think your city has the worst drivers? A Little Rebellious Fun has dash cam video of some of the world’s worst drivers. And who wants to see a Subway sandwich turned into a smoothie?

Stay safe out there, Rebels!

Pour In & Rock On.
             Rethink Your Drink.

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Your Beverage, Your Way 

Rebellious organic water enhancer infusions can be enjoyed iced or hot. Simply pour a pack into iced or hot water, mix, and enjoy! Rebellious liquid water enhancer is different from the typical energy drink mixes, powders, or tablets. No crazy stirring or shaking, and the flavor infuses with the water. 

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Just for you…
Man Running Next to Stone Steps
The Best Way to Lose Weight Fast with Exercise
The first thing you should know about losing weight fast with exercise is your goal shouldn’t be to lose weight. Instead, your goal should be to lose fat. You see, one of…Read the story»
Man Holding Apple with Apple Carved into It
6 Ways to Support Your Heart Health
February is the month when we like to express love to that special person. It’s also National Heart Awareness month. So, why not make yourself that special person and focus on…Read the story»
Woman Preparing Breakfast in Kitchen
Ask a Health Coach: Quick Breakfasts, Cravings, More
Francine asked: ”I need quick grab-and-go breakfast ideas. On the weekends, I have time for a more elaborate meal like eggs and bacon, but what are your…Read the story»
Fruits & Vegetables by Aaron Colussi
Eat Your Way to Happy: How Food has Mood-Boosting Effects
Andria Gutierrez was only 27 years old, but she felt more like 80: mentally fuzzy, irritable, tired all the time. And then Andria began experiencing bouts of …Read the story»
DrinkRebellious—Loaded with Antioxidants to Boost Immune Systems
Check out our FAQs for more information on the functional benefits that Rebellious Infusions deliver.
A Little Rebellious Fun…

The World’s Worst Drivers

Watch This 150-Ton Hydraulic Press Transform a Subway Sandwich into a Smoothie
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