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Rebellious Report—01.26.2021

Hello from Drink Rebellious! 

Let’s start 2021 right with good exercise, plant-based recipes, and a sharp brain. Check out this week’s articles below.

Our signature section, A Little Rebellious Fun, has an awesome video of an 11-year-old skier at Jackson Hole. Plus, there’s a teaser video for the soon-to-released film, The Icebox, that shows surfing in some of the colder places on the map.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Rebel from the Status Quo.
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Check this out…
Snowboarder in Mid-air
Natural Selection Tour to Feature Snowboarders in Backcountry
Unlike many traditional snowboard contests that are run in controlled park settings, this tour will reward riders with extensive…Read the story»
Plant-Based Spaghetti Alfredo with Zoodles
Healthy Plant-based Spaghetti Alfredo Recipe with Zoodles
When it comes to updating dishes to make them a little healthier, a great place to start is with smart swaps—and this recipe is a great example of doing…Read the story»
Woman Stretching after Workout with Harbor in Background
30 Minutes of Stretching Can Lower Blood Pressure
People with hypertension, or high blood pressure, are often advised to take brisk walks frequently, but a new study, published in the Journal of PhysicalRead the story»
Keeping Your Brain Sharp Isn’t about Working More Puzzles
Mental decline is one of the most feared aspects of growing older. People will do just about anything to prevent it, from swallowing supplements touted as… Read the story»
A Little Rebellious Fun…

You Won’t Believe What This 11-Year-Old Can Do On Skis at Jackson Hole

Teaser for The Icebox
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