Rebellious Report—03.22.2022

Man Drinking from Water Bottle on Hiking Trail

Hello from Drink Rebellious.

Heads up…only a few short days left in our epic giveaway with ReddyYeti. See details below.

Plus, we look at sleep myths, exercises a trainer won’t do, and in A Little Rebellious Fun,water-skipping snowmobiles.

Let’s get going, Rebels!

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The Clock is Ticking…

Hurry…there are just a few days left!

We’ve teamed with ReddyYeti and some great brands to bring you the “Biking Giveaway.” All in, there are prizes worth $2,000+ including a $250 gift card from us!

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More good stuff…
Person's Feet Sticking Out from Bed with White Dog Laying on Bed
Sleep Myths That Might Be Keeping You from a Good Night’s Rest
What are your sleep myths and facts? You know, the things you are absolutely sure you should do — and not do — to get a good night’s sleep. Studies show …Read the story»
A Trainer Shared 7 Exercises He Won’t Do Again
Strength coach and Athlean-X founder Jeff Cavaliere makes plenty of YouTube content in which he lists and ranks the exercises he thinks are most effective …Read the story»
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A Little Rebellious Fun…
Water-Skipping Snowmobiles
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