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Rebellious Report—05.04.2021

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How’s it going? 

Are carbs a diet dilemma? Read the article below, but don’t let it affect your opinion of the best barrel-aged beers! #LiveRebellious.

A Little Rebellious Fun has the story of an ultra-runner’s attempt to summit seven peaks in Norway via running & skiing!

Be Rebellious!

Pour In and Rock On.
             Rebel From The Boring.

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Just for you…
Shirtless Man Slicing Large Loaf of Bread
Diet Dilemma: The Truth About Eating Carbs and Getting Shredded
There are only three macronutrients, yet one of them continues to befuddle nearly everyone. You know which one: To carb or not to carb, that is the question. Depending on who you…Read the story»
Pouring Dark Brown Beer from Bottle into Glass
Barrel-Aged Beers That Boast Big Flavor
Though barrel-aged beers might not be quite as popular as the ubiquitous hazy IPA, it’s more common than not to find a few selections at your local bottle shop. But like most things, some are better than others… Read the story»
Woman Walking Uphill on Grassy Sand Dune
8 Aerobic Workouts That Aren't Running, Cycling, or Swimming
Aerobic workouts are gentle training sessions where the predominate form of energy being utilized is fat—mostly body fat. They’re easy, some would say “too easy,” but that’s the entire…Read the story»
How to Find Your Personal Nature Element + Bring It into Your Space 
The five sacred elements of earth, fire, water, air, and ether are meaningful in both Eastern tradition and Western philosophy. In Ayurveda, elements have long been used to describe… Read the story»
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A Little Rebellious Fun…

Kilian Jornet Attempts to Complete the 7 Summits of Romsdalen in a Single Day

Hiking First to Interlaken
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