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Rebellious Report—12.22.2020

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Happy Holidays!

In this Rebellious Report, we have an articles about healthy eating and good exercise. We take a look at stone fruits, which are sometimes overlooked as a beneficial fruit, and how to eat healthily between dinner and bedtime. On the exercise front, we have an article about the benefits of foam rolling. And, catch the eleven hidden wonders in the U.S.!

Just in time for the holidays, A Little Rebellious Fun has two great videos: a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the movie Elf. Plus, the third annual edition of engineer Mark Rober using cell phone cameras inside a fake package to track and glitter-bomb people who steal packages from front porches.

Have a happy & healthy holiday season.

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For your consideration…
The Health Benefits of Stone Fruits
Amid all the talk of berries as superfoods, bananas as gut-health boosters, and citrus as vitamin C powerhouses, one fruit group tends to get sadly little attention…Read the story»
Woman Using Foam Roller
Foam Rolling Benefits + a 10-minute Video
Let’s be super honest here. How many of us actually foam roll on a regular basis? I have to admit that I don’t foam roll as much as I should, but when I make…Read the story»
Woman Holding Artichokes over Pink Table (Vanessa Loring via Pexels)
Ask a Health Coach: How to Stay on Track After Hours
You know that black hole of time between work and bed? There’s nowhere to go, nothing new to watch, and a bottle of wine (or…Read the story»
Man Walking across Devil's Bridge (Blake Carpenter via unsplash)
11 Hidden Natural Wonders in the U.S.
They don’t call it America the Beautiful for nothing. The most beautiful places in America include some little-known yet bucket-list-worthy natural wonders… Read the story»
A Little Rebellious Fun…
The Making of Elf

Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates

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