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Rebellious Report—02.22.2022

Man Skiing Downhill Wearing Orange & Black Ski Jacket

What’s going on?

When you’re out on your adventures, do you toss banana peels or apple cores because they’re “organic litter?” Read on for why that’s not a good idea!

Kevin Pearce checks in with a video about the best backcountry terrain for snowboarding. Take a look below in A Little Rebellious Fun!

Remember to hydrate, Rebels!

Pour In and Rock On.
             Smash the Status Quo.

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And we’re off…
Rotted Apple Core in Leaves and Mulch
Stop Tossing Your Banana Peel on the Trail
Pop quiz: You’re biking with a friend, zipping along a semi-rural road, when your buddy pulls a banana from his jersey, peels it with his teeth, and flings the skin into the ditch. What do you say? a. “Dude! That’s littering.” …Read the story»
Woman in Heavy Coat Scarf and Hat Walking on Snowy City Street
31-Day Walking Plan that Will Help You Lose Weight
For many, walking outdoors has been a mental health saver over the course of the pandemic. Out of pure necessity to get out of the same environment, walks are one activity that I recommend to all of …Read the story»
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A Little Rebellious Fun…
The Best Natural Terrain for Snowboarding
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