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Rebellious Report—03.09.2021

Woman in Purple on Downhill Ski Run


Greetings from Drink Rebellious! We have great articles below with insight on workout routines, ways to improve your mood (and blood pressure), and an interesting ingredient for a weight-loss plan. Thanks for joining us this week!

A Little Rebellious Fun has an important question to ask when stuck on a ski lift plus the world’s longest indoor mtb trail.

Hey Rebels—Stay safe and stay healthy!

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Let’s get going…
Two Woman Working Out in Gym/Studio
HIIT & Strength Workout Video (you can do at home)
Sharing a HIIT and Strength workout video you can do at home. All you need is a pair of dumbbells to get an awesome total body and cardio workout. This one includes one of our favorite… Read the story»
Woman Holding Fruit Cup with Chia Seeds
Are Chia Seeds Effective for Weight Loss? (Nutrition Facts & Recipes)
Chia seeds are all over Instagram these days—in everything from puddings to smoothies. With good reason, too. These small black seeds, responsible…Read the story»
Nurse Placing Blood Pressure Cuff on Woman's Arm
5 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally
You’ve probably had your blood pressure measured a ton of times at the doctor’s office or even at the dentist. It’s one of those health markers that you likely don’t give a lot of thought to until…Read the story»
Man Holding One of Several Emoji Buttons
Why Experts Say a Good Mood Can Lead to Good Health
It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that laughter feels good, while anger feels awful. But it does take one to explain why one of these feelings can boost the…Read the story»
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A Little Rebellious Fun…

Guy gets stuck on a ski lift for hours and he has a very important question.

The World’s Longest Indoor Mountain Bike Trail
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