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Special Announcement—09.15.2020

You need to see what’s new from Drink Rebellious.

We’re too Rebellious to leave well enough alone and today you need more function from every drop you drink. So we spent the summer making our 100% plant-based, antioxidant-rich infusions more luscious and more intense so you can transform your water, or your occasional adult beverage, and rock on!

New Look!
Communications sells! As we roll out to retail, we have improved calls-to-action, more pronounced functional benefits, and eye-catching displays. Separate packaging for brick-and-mortar retail where we have packs of 4– and 15–count boxes. Utilize 12–packs and limited-time variety packs for ecommerce.
Enhanced Flavors!
Five Rebellious Infusions Liquid Packets Fanned Out
Just pour the 6ml liquid packet of our luscious plant-based infusions into a 16oz bottle of water and you’ll see.
Our Lemon is more lemony! Our Blood Orange is more orangy! Our Strawberry Kiwi is more strawkiwier! Just add them to water to make it more hydratier…OK…You get the picture. 
Zero Sugar, Zero Calories, and nothing artificial. Our Infusions are loaded with antioxidants to boost your immune system.
Two Flavors of Rebellious Caffeine-Free Infusions
Introducing NEW Rebellious Caffeine-Free Infusions. No caffeine at all (not de-caf…they never had it to begin with) and a great source of antioxidants. 100% organic and 100% delicious. Zero calories, Zero sugar, nothing artificial. Two fun and lively flavors: Wildberry and Sangria (BYO alcohol). 
Try NEW Rebellious Pure Energy. They’re double the natural caffeine of our Rebellious Infusions to give you a boost without the crap of traditional energy drinks (with no crash). 100% organic & 100% delicious. Zero calories, Zero sugar, nothing artificial. Three exciting flavors: Tenacious, Marvelous, and Courageous (BYO workout).
Rock Climbers Silhouetted Against Setting Sun with 12-pack of Rebellious Pure Energy Courageous Graphic Overlay


Infuse More Function.
Boost Your Immune System.
Rebel From The Boring.
Smash The Status Quo.
Pour In And Rock On.
Rethink Your Drink.

Special Offer

To celebrate our re-thought, re-imagined Rebellious flavors, here is a Special Offer for you. Take advantage! Save 20% and get free shipping on any purchase over $20. Just enter promo code RETHINK at checkout.

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