Rebellious Report—05.17.2022

National parks in the U.S. have never been more crowded. How do you find ones that are not as busy but still spectacular? Plus, we have an article about burning calories on hilly...

Rebellious Report—05.10.2022

We’re covering the best beginner pilates exercises for abs as well as what makes licorice so damn enticing

Rebellious Report—05.03.2022

They say the truth is out there…you need to discover the truth about slushies. Also, can just a few minutes of lifting weights replace a ton of time in the...

Rebellious Report—04.26.2022

You just have to read the story of JR Harris, who may be the most prolific solo hiker in the world! Plus, we cover the surprising links between what you...

Rebellious Report—04.19.2022

As we head back to the trails, we have some great hiking etiquette tips for you. Plus, how to make perfect ramen.

Rebellious Report—04.12.2022

Bringing you some great stuff this week from extreme pogo to ab-crushing planks to doctoring up your breakfast oatmeal in a good way!