The beverage company announces its debut product: an on-the-go organic liquid green tea packed with both antioxidants and flavor

Mock-ups of RebelliouS packaging

(Chicago; JANUARY 17, 2019) — Rebellious Beverage Company announces the launch of their debut product: RebelliouS Green Tea. The brand aims to disrupt the current beverage market with a pre-brewed, organic liquid green tea with all the health benefits and flavor of a traditional green tea—and more!

From brewing to packaging to delivery, Rebellious Beverage Company provides the highest-quality organic green tea—pre-brewed and ready to use any time. The tea is packaged in a small, lightweight, ready-to-pour pouch that fits in a pocket or wallet; tea-drinkers can even stash RebelliouS in their desks at work since the brand is shelf-stable with a long expiration date.

Currently, the teas are available in five refreshing flavors: Peach, Lemon, Mint with a hint of Lemongrass, Blood Orange, and Strawberry Kiwi. Every proprietary flavor of RebelliouS tea is created with a balanced profile to be enjoyed at any temperature—whether hot, cold, or in-between. Simply pour the packet into the suggested 8–12 oz. of water (subject to each tea-drinker’s preference) and enjoy!

More than ever, consumers are looking for healthier choices in their everyday routines. RebelliouS Tea does not contain any added sugars, but uses monk fruit, a deliciously sweet superfruit, to add a touch of sweetness to the flavored teas. Each packet of green tea contains over 250 mg of antioxidants—which is anywhere from 5–50x more than ready-to-drink, bottled teas found in the grocery store. Already-proven benefits of green tea include blood sugar control, immune system support, and inflammation reduction—as well as lowering risks of cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, and strokes.

Founded by Food and Beverage veteran Doug DuMars and global business whiz Joe O’Connor, the company is proud to bring consumers an expertly-researched product made with high-quality ingredients sourced from top-tier suppliers.

“Tea continues to be a growth engine within the beverage space, but so far, we’ve seen an unchanged industry,” says DuMars. “There is a generation that seeks innovation and individualism. We are excited to provide a solution that can be consumed anywhere, anytime and also delivers on the health benefits expected from green tea in a product with zero-added sugar, zero carbs, and zero calories.”

Tea-lovers can buy Rebellious Beverage Company teas on their website: Teas are available in 10-packs for $12.


Born in the Chicagoland area and launched nationwide in early 2019, Rebellious Beverage Company is disrupting the beverage industry around one of the oldest and most widely consumed offerings—green tea. Focused on true convenience and delivering on important health benefits, RebelliouS organic liquid green tea comes as a high-quality, pre-brewed tea in a variety of distinct signature flavors. Packed in a convenient, portable pouch small enough to stick in one’s pocket, the tea can be poured into hot or cold water for maximum enjoyment. Shelf-stable and with an ample expiration date, RebelliouS organic liquid green tea packs more than 250 mg of antioxidants, up to 50 times more than other ready-to-drink teas—all with zero added sugars, zero carbs, and zero calories. Studies have shown that green tea helps control blood sugar, boost the immune system and metabolism, and reduces inflammation, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and the risk of cancer or stroke. The graffiti logo contributes to the ingrained rebellion that attracts tea drinkers looking for the beverage’s evolution—as well as non-tea-drinkers who ditch their preferred drink for Rebellious.

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