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Infuse Your Water with Delicious, Natural Goodness.

Rebellious infusions are a simple, satisfying way to transform your water, hot or cold. These organic, plant-based, liquid infusions are packed with antioxidants and are available in five great flavors, today with more on the way. Our Pure Energy infusions and caffeine-free varieties are coming soon.


Rebellious Infusion Blends

Rebellious Infusions are organic, plant-based infusions made from pre-brewed green tea with over 300 mg of antioxidants and 45 mg of caffeine. Our Infusions are made with clean, all-natural, certified organic ingredients chosen for dynamic functionality in the human body with no added sugar and no calories. You just tear down the corner of the packet and pour the liquid contents into 8–12 oz of cold or hot water. All flavors are sugar-free, zero-calorie, USDA Organic Certified, Keto approved, Paleo friendly, and certified Kosher.




Infusion Blend Flavors


Like a wink and a smile, our well-balanced organic peach-flavored Infusion delivers a great refreshing flavor with a subtle sweetness.

Blood Orange:

Not your normal orange. Our Blood Orange infusion has a great citrus taste that is stronger and more intense than typical orange flavors.

Mint with a hint of Lemongrass:

Our proprietary blend of peppermint and spearmint will sneak up and surprise you with a finish of earthy notes of lemongrass. It’s a complex taste that surprises and delights.


A refreshing pick-me-up with a kiss of lemon that’s sure to please, hot or cold.

Strawberry Kiwi:

Strawberry or Kiwi? Kiwi or Strawberry? Whichever is your favorite, you will love this blend. It’s a hint of sweet with just the right bit of tart.

Try them all with our Variety Pack of 20 with two of each flavor.


Rebellious liquid Infusions are packaged individually in lightweight portable packets perfectly sized for your pocket, purse, or fanny pack, so they can securely go everywhere your water bottle goes. Be ready for anything. Just pour in and rock on. Available in 10- or 25-pack boxes of a single flavor or the variety pack of 10 that includes two packets of each flavor. It’s the perfect way to try them all.