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Rebellious Report—08.24.2021

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Welcome to the Rebellious Report!

Did you know sitting is the new smoking? Besides Rebellious Infusions, do you know what else uses monk fruit? Some great desserts; plus, take a look at the rest of the articles we’ve linked to below!

Can you do a 360 on a Jetski? What about balancing several bowling balls on each other? Check out the top 15 crazy skills in A Little Rebellious Fun below. 

Here’s to you, Rebels!

Rebel from the Boring.
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Natural Energy, Ready to Drink

Rebellious Infusions are premium, organic, liquid energy mixes (balanced with a subtle sweetness) that turn water into refreshing beverages. Infusions are brewed with our proprietary technique that maintains up to 300mg of antioxidants per serving. That’s up to 50x more antioxidants than other beverages! 

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What caught our eye this week…
Woman Running with Long Ponytail and Headphones (MabelAmber via Pixabay)
The Power of Dirt: The Benefits of Outdoor Workouts
Is dirt really a dirty word? Or could it be something else, something more powerful? Studies have found dirt doesn’t have to be gross-dirty. Instead, it can just be dirt-dirty, and it can pack …Read the story»
Two Slices of Healthy Peanut Butter Pie
15 Healthy Desserts & Treats Sweetened with Monk Fruit 
There’s a new nutrient-dense, low-sugar, plant-based sweetener on the market that seems to check all the boxes of that perfect ingredient — monk fruit. Monk fruit is native to Southeast… Read the story»
Woman in Jean Jacket Standing at Desk Writing
Tricks to Help You Sit Less during the Day
“Sitting is the new smoking,” I remember hearing a friend say a couple of years ago and was immediately taken aback. How could that be true? Well, according to the CDC, prolonged sitting time has emerged…Read the story»
Should You Join a Running Group?
Many runners have missed meeting up with their buddies, groups or clubs during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, as vaccination rates continue to climb, many groups have resumed.… Read the story»
DrinkRebellious—Loaded with Antioxidants to Boost Immune Systems
Check out our FAQs for more information on the functional benefits that Rebellious Infusions deliver.
A Little Rebellious Fun…
Now That’s What We call SKILL | Top 15 Crazy Skills

Idiots in Cars Compiliaion #28

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