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Rebellious Report—11.23.2020

Man Wearing Hoodie Drinking from Water Bottle

Happy Thanksgiving!

Super-excited to announce…well, you’ll have to read the next item! If we told you it was possible to have no-bake vanilla nut butter fudge, would you believe us? Keep reading for more!

A Little Rebellious Fun has the video proof of the real-life drag race between Ken Block’s Hooincorn and a McLaren Senna. And we’re totally jealous of snowboarding at Crystal Mountain before the season opens!

Be safe, be healthy, and we wish our U.S. friends a Happy Thanksgiving!

  Smash the Status Quo.
             Pour In and Rock On.

Very Excited to Announce…
Rebellious Infusions announces a new partnership with fitness trainer Ramona Braganza. Ramona shares the mindset that we should infuse more function and rebel from life’s challenges. She’s bringing you a chance to win a FREE 8-week personal training session with her. Ramona is the trainer behind celebrities like Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, and others, and she looks forward to doing the same for you!
Enter Now
Speaking of Thanksgiving
We’re having a Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale!

Just enter promo code CYBER20 when you check out to receive 20% off your order.

Limit one use per customer. Expires 12/3/20 2AM CT.

What we’re sharing this week…
Woman in lank Pose (Sergio Pedemonte @yourhousefitness via Unsplash)
The Power of a Single Plank
When I was a young, naive, high school cross-country runner, I thought that doing loads of crunches would give me abs of steel and propel my race…Read the story»
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9 Hacks to Make Your House Smell Great without Chemicals
Quick, Auntie Clara’s coming around and you want to make the house smell great (she’s really not one who’s afraid to comment…Read the story»
6 Ingredient No-bake Vanilla Nut Butter Fudge
With distance keeping us apart this holiday season, I’ve been looking for DIY kitchen projects that might make it safely to my loved ones, as a heartfelt treat…Read the story»
How to Train for Your First 10K Race
If you’ve never run before, running for an entire hour—the average time for a 10K, according to 2019 State of Running report—can seem intimidating… Read the story»
A Little Rebellious Fun…

Ken Block’s 1,400hp AWD Ford Mustang Hoonicorn vs. McLaren Senna Merlin

Preseason Snowboarding at Crystal Mountain
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