Rebellious Report—12.07.2021

Man on snowmibile at speed on snowbank on snow-covered road

There’s not much snow yet at the Drink Rebellious World HQ. While we’re waiting for the first snowflakes, it’s holiday cookie time! Scroll down for more.

Who’s ready for the first high-flying, powder-filled, free-skiing video of the season? Check out A Little Rebellious Fun below!

If you have snow, Rebels, let’s get out there!

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Mint Chocolate Chunk Cookies Made with Rebellious Infusions on white plate on white marble countertop with liquid packets of Rebelllious Infusions and silver garland.
Mint Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Our good friends newlywedchefs are using Rebellious Infusions to make the season a little sweeter. They usually enjoy Rebellious packets mixed in water, but they’ve had fun in the kitchen creating recipes using our Infusions, too!⁣ These cookies are full of chocolate chunks and winter mint flavor.

Get the Recipe
It’s for you…
Woman Downward Dog Yoga Sunny Room with Dog
How to Stay Healthy during the Holidays
Holiday preparations and stress can take a toll on your health, but focusing on staying healthy throughout the season can help you enjoy the holidays MORE. In today’s post …Read the story»
Group Men Transition Stage Ironman Race
What’s the Nicest Thing Someone Has Done for You during a Race?
Triathlon may be an individual sport, but it’s unquestionably a team effort. Fans will never forget the iconic moment of the 2008 Ironman Championship, when … Read the story»
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A Little Rebellious Fun…
Strictly’s powder project, Wildcard, hits the internet
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