At Rebellious, we are all about delivering important health benefits to your hydration habits in an easy, delicious way. Rebellious Infusions are high-quality, organic, plant-based, infused beverages that can be added to water, smoothies, and other beverages. They come in a variety of distinct signature flavors and each liquid packet contains over 300mg of antioxidants. That’s up to 50 times more antioxidants than most ready-to-drink teas. Even better, all Infusions have zero added sugars and zero calories. Drink Rebellious hot or cold.

Pour our infusions into cold water for a great tasting refresher or into hot water for a warm pick-me-up. Rebellious Infusions come in portable liquid packets small enough to stick in your pocket, purse, and even your fanny pack, so they can go everywhere your water bottle goes. More than ever, smart consumers are looking for healthier choices in their everyday routines. Follow your own path, be independent, drink Rebellious!



At Rebellious, we source our ingredients from sustainable-practice farms, organic tea plantations, and small growers and estates all over the world. We source only all-natural, certified organic ingredients chosen for dynamic functionality in the human body. The country or countries of origin for any particular ingredient may vary, as seasons change and harvest times vary. Formulation, blending, inspections, packaging, and distribution take place in the USA.



Sustainability and responsible practices matter at Rebellious. That’s why we work with farmers and growers whose farms, plantations, and rainforest operations meet ecologically sustainable objectives. Our responsible-practice partners grow and harvest our ingredients according to ethical standards that address social, economic, and environmental concerns.

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