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Rebellious Report—02.09.2021

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Hello from Drink Rebellious. 

From our friends at SportFuel, we have a great article about “eating the rainbow.” Be sure to check out the other good eating articles, too.

We know the American football season is now over, but you have to check out one way to challenge the field goal distance record in A Little Rebellious Fun. And who’s up for solo sailing from LA to Hawaii?

Stay safe, Rebels!

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Eat healthy…
Fruits & Vegetables of Many Colors on White Table
Eat the Rainbow
From the folks at SportFuel: As an athlete, regardless of whether you are aware and affected by mental stress, you definitely have another type of stress—physical stress. The combined…Read the story»
Man with Hands on Wall, Exercising Hard
Fitness Nutrition: Focus on Progress not Perfection
Everyone has to eat…fact. This is why nutritional progress is such an important practice. When people start a ‘diet’ or a decide to ‘cut out eating all the crap’, it is often an all-or-nothing approach…Read the story»
Woman Peeking over Table, Eyeing Muffins and Cookies
How to Quit Sweets, for Real This Time
By far, the number one complaint I hear from people who are trying to upgrade their diets is that they can’t seem to ditch sweets. Even once they’re comfortable…Read the story»
Avocado Banana Yogurt
15 Easy Recipes that Replace Dairy to Reduce Inflammation
Diary is one of the hardest habits to kick when transitioning to a strictly plant-based diet. That’s partly due to the fact that dairy actually has something called…Read the story»
A Little Rebellious Fun…

World’s Longest Field Goal—Robot vs. NFL Kicker

Solo Sailing Los Angeles to Hawaii on 23-foot Boat
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