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Rebellious Report—08.17.2021

Person Riding Motorcycle Up a Sand Dune

Hey there!

This week, we’ve got everything from a great set of lower-body exercises to the benefits of getting up an hour earlier. Plus special savings at our store! 

In 17 seconds, a video we have in A Little Rebellious Fun will show you one of the most outrageous thumb tricks you’ve seen!

As always, stay Rebellious!

Rebel from the Boring.
             Smash the Status Quo.

We’ve Got Some Savings for You!

Just for you, Rebels! We have a special promo code that will give 20% off anything in our store. Use the code MoreSummer to save. Or click the Save Now button below to have the code applied automatically to your purchase.

Code expires 08.23.2021 at 11PM CDT.

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The good stuff we’ve seen…
Woman Performing Goblet Squat Surrounded by Gym Equipment
Lower-Body Burner
Everyone loves a good lower-body, booty building workout, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. It's always a good idea to focus on compound movements when trying to build muscle, especially your glutes. Try these 6 moves on your next leg day… Read the story»
Man Riding on Cycling Trail through Farmland
Non-profit Adds 3000 Miles of Bike Routes in 5 States 
Psyched on bike touring this summer? With recent additions to the United States’ biggest bike route network, there’s never been a more sanctioned road to ride. Today, the Adventure Cycling Association announced… Read the story»
Woman in Field of Flowers Silhouetted by Sunrise
Health Benefits of Waking One Hour Earlier 
When it comes to sleep, it can seem the world is divided into “Larks” and “Owls”. Larks are those who bound out of bed at the first glimmer of dawn, whereas owls just get going when darkness sets in. We often assume…Read the story»
Shirtless Man Exercising Outdoors Next to Green Wall
3 Common Ab Workout Mistakes
Training your core is important not just for building rippling abs, but also for supporting your body in other exercises. However, trainers often see common movements performed incorrectly, meaning people aren’t… Read the story»
DrinkRebellious—Loaded with Antioxidants to Boost Immune Systems
Check out our FAQs for more information on the functional benefits that Rebellious Infusions deliver.
A Little Rebellious Fun…
Guy Takes Thumb Trick to a Whole New Level

Running Off a Vehicle Backwards at the Same Speed it’s Driving Forward!

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