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Rebellious Report—09.14.2021

Group of People Silhouetted on Beach around Campfire

Greetings from Drink Rebellious.

This week, we’re sharing great articles on exercise, smoothies, and avoiding heat issues while hiking. Check out everything below!

A Little Rebellious Fun has videos of surfers working powerful waves in Bali and “Salsa” the border collie dancing with his owner.

Stay Rebellious!

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Some things to discuss…
Woman Leaning Over and Exercising with Dumbbells
Unexpected Benefits of Movement & Exercise that We Love
Whether you opt for a sunrise yoga class or an impromptu dance party before dinner, making time for movement provides us with many rewards — some expected, and some surprising … Read the story»
Blender Filled with Ice Fruit Green and More with Bright Yellow Wall in Background
You’re Probably Making Smoothies All Wrong 
Smoothies are an easy, foolproof way to pack extra nutrients into your diet—if you know the right way to build them. The order you add your ingredients can affect the taste and texture, but once you’ve got the formula … Read the story»
Hiking Boots Jumping Straight Up from Rock
Here’s How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion on a Hike 
As hiking grows in popularity, rescue crews across the hottest parts of the country have been busy all summer assisting hikers who venture into the desert unprepared. While hot weather can exacerbate existing … Read the story»
Two Women Laughing Outside while Taking a Hydration Break during Basketball
How Exercise Can Boost Mental Health in Young Adults
It will take many years to truly assess the global health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the primary concern has been around the direct risk to physical health, data is already emerging … Read the story»
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A Little Rebellious Fun…
Powerful Wave Speeds toward Surfers

Border Collie Named Salsa Performs Impressive Dance Routine with Owner

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