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Rebellious Report—11.10.2020

Man Drinking from Water Bottle Next to Colorful Wall

Welcome to the Rebellious Report.

This week, let’s talk about healthy, or at least realistic, eating at the holidays. Let's chat about eating healthy foods without breaking the bank. Then, there are simple breathing exercises to lower anxiety. And what about the waves as tall as skyscrapers?

A Little Rebellious Fun has videos about picking electronic locks to get at some fine Cubans and one about the humpback that tried to swallow two kayakers.

Be Safe and Be Healthy!

  Rethink Your Drink.
             Smash the Status Quo.

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More of the good stuff…
Woman Relaxing with Eyes Closed and Leaning on Blue Wall
Breathing Techniques for Anxiety: Exercises for Relaxation
Prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications have soared during the coronavirus outbreak and many people are turning to…Read the story»
How to Eat Healthy Foods without Spending a Fortune
It’s a common misconception that eating healthy food breaks the bank. And that’s just not the case—research even shows. One of the studies done by the U.S.…Read the story»
Surfer on Gigantic Wave near Nazaré Portugal
Unreal Footage from Last Week’s XXL Nazaré Swell
The first time you watch the clip, it seems like your eyes deceive you. A white trail is streaking across a massive wall of water, but there’s no surfer…Read the story»
How to Survive the Holidays without Gaining Weight
Every year, the talking heads, magazines, and fitness gurus say that you’d better eat skinless turkey breast out of tupperware … Read the story»
A Little Rebellious Fun…

Did you hear about the kayakers who were almost swallowed by the humpback whale?

Trying to pick the electronic lock holding these Cuban cigars
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