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Rebellious Report—12.15.2020

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Hey there!

We’re always looking for things to help you with health, wellness, and eating right. In this Rebellious Report, we have an article about three foods that could be key to fighting COVID–19 naturally. We also have five healthy eating tips for the holidays and why added sugar is a bigger problem in your diet than you may realize. These topics are what Rebellious Infusions are all about: great-tasting beverages with high levels of antioxidants and zero sugar!

What is “parkour” anyway? A Little Rebellious Fun shows what would happen if a parkour athlete did typical household chores with parkour!

Have a happy & healthy holiday season.

  Rebel from the Boring.
             Rethink Your Drink.

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Courageous is one of the vibrant new flavors of Rebellious Pure Energy. 100mg of natural caffeine and 100mg of antioxidants to give you a boost without the crap of traditional energy drinks. 100% organic & 100% delicious. Zero calories, Zero sugar, nothing artificial. Two other exciting flavors: Marvelous and Tenacious. BYO backpack for hiking.
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Eating right…
Doctor Deyu Xie from North Carolina State University
These 3 Foods Could Be Key to Fighting COVID–19 Naturally
If you’re looking for a natural way to fight COVID-19, the key may be right in your pantry. Green tea, chocolate and grapes all contain compounds called…Read the story»
Added Sugar is a Bigger Problem in Your Diet than You Think
Sugar is everywhere, and it’s surprisingly sneaky. Eating too much added sugar—the stuff pumped into food and drinks as opposed…Read the story»
Mother & Daughter Slicing Veggies (August de Richelieu via Pexels)
Five Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays
Celebrate while sticking with your healthy habits this holiday season! Take time to eat well and move your body to help you feel your best. Use these five tips from to make your holiday…Read the story»
Woman Touching Neck (ba-tik via Pedels)
Stiff and Achy in the Morning? How to Fix That
Some days I feel incredibly ancient. Not in age or my knowledge of modern music (although my millennial daughter may disagree), but in how my body… Read the story»
A Little Rebellious Fun…
What If a Parkour Athlete Did Everyday Chores with Parkour?

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