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Rebellious Report—10.14.2020

Woman wearing hat standing outdoors next to multi-colored wall.

Welcome to the Rebellious Report.

Are you ready for snowboarding yet? In this week’s Rebellious Report, we have an article about prepping for a freeride competition at Jackson Hole. We also look at high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and how an LPGA golfer transformed her health by making two crucial diet changes. A Little Rebellious Fun has a stunning video of a group of Irish artists covering Dreams by The Cranberries.

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Take a look at…
Man using cordless drill to build snowboard ramp
Jackson Hole’s Washakie Glade Retrofitted for Maximum Send
Work is underway at Jackson Hole to prepare for a one of a kind competition that’s the brainchild of legendary snowboarder…Read the story»
Fried egg on wheat toast (Ben Kolde via unsplash)
Why Does Nutrition Advice Always Seem to be Changing?
Everyone eats. Everyone can claim firsthand experience and expertise. Whose experience and expertise should you trust?…Read the story»
Woman in Pink Top on Exercise Machine
HIIT Workouts are Linked to Better Mental Health & Longer, Healthier Lives
There’s more evidence that vigorous exercise could be the key to a long, healthy life. High-intensity interval training, or HIIT…Read the story»
LPGA Golfer Beatriz Recari
This LPGA Pro Transformed her Health by Making 2 Crucial Changes
Beatriz Recari has been traversing the globe as an LPGA Tour pro for over a decade. But last June, the 33-year-old…Read the story»
A Little Rebellious Fun…
You won’t believe what this dog does after his owner leaves the room.
40 Irish artists perform Dreams by The Cranberries.
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