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Rebellious Report—10.19.2021

What’s up?

We’ll tell you what’s up…scroll down for a big announcement! We also have some great articles below, starting with the best HIIT workout for Fall. Take a look!

The videos in A Little Rebellious Fun are all about the need…the need for speed!!

Get out there and be Rebellious!

Pour In & Rock On.
             Infuse More Function.

Photo-Illustration of Drink Rebellious T-Shirts and Insulated Sport Bottle
Introducing Rebel Gear

We wanted you to be the first to hear…we now have Rebel Gear! We have men’s and women’s tri-blend t-shirts and Rebellious insulated sport bottles custom-made for us by Polar Bottle. All items are available for a limited time, so let’s get going!

Get Gear
Take a look at…
Woman in Mid-Air during Broad Jump
The Best HIIT Workout for Fall
Fall is officially here and many experts say that this is the best time to get your outdoor workouts in. The weather is still warm enough, and allergy season is behind us. Try this sweaty HIIT workout you can do anytime… Read the story»
Sleepy Woman Rubbing Eyes and Holding Coffee Mug on Couch
11 Small Ways to Re-energize When You Didn’t Sleep Well
While getting quality sleep each night is always the goal, sometimes life gets in the way and interferes with our shut-eye. When it does, it’s important to have strategies that help us show up… Read the story»
Grilled Apple Pie on a White Plate with Vanilla Coconut Whipped Crean in a Square White Bowl
8 Plant-Based Foods That Could Help Unclog Arteries
While progressive clogging of the arteries can be caused by diet, genetics, and a sedentary lifestyle, preventing and repairing the damage is not impossible with these plant-based foods that will help unclog … Read the story»
Woman in Workout Gear Standing in Front of Mirror
Why Working Out Should Be about More Than What You See in the Mirror
Like a lot of folks, I started working out a bunch during the pandemic. I'm talking real jock stuff — swinging and cleaning and pressing hunks of metal. And I started noticing my body change… Read the story»
DrinkRebellious—Loaded with Antioxidants to Boost Immune Systems
Check out our FAQs for more information on the functional benefits that Rebellious Infusions deliver.
A Little Rebellious Fun…
Who’s Faster? — Longboarders vs. Cyclist

Is this the fastest go-kart in the world?

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