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Rebellious Report—03.16.2021

Two Hikers on Snowy Mountain


Happy Tuesday from Drink Rebellious! Read about what one functional nutrition coach learned about her health. And, HIIT has been a fitness hit for awhile…but how does it compare to other forms of fitness & training? Thanks for joining us this week!

Maybe you’ve seen it because it’s going viral quickly, but A Little Rebellious Fun has the video of the highest-precision drone flying you have ever seen, covering every square inch of a bowling alley!!

Always stay safe & healthy!

Smash the Status Quo.
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Man Drinking Mint Leaning on Railing
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A great tasting mint flavor that’s loaded with antioxidants. How loaded? About 300mg. Look at other beverages. Even the ones that say they have antioxidants in them will rarely tell you how much. Rebellious Infusions are 100% plant-based & 100% delicious. Zero calories, Zero sugar, nothing artificial. Organic & Kosher Certified.

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Pan of Veggies, Salmon, Rice, and Eggs
What I Discovered about My Health through Functional Nutrition
For as long as I can remember, understanding what makes my mind, body, and spirit sing—while living in unison with the world around me—has been a constant… Read the story»
2 Small Bundles of Vanilla Pods
Nutritional Benefits of Vanilla Bean for Your Mind and Mood
It’s a flavor most all of us grew up eating, whether in ice cream or another type of dessert. Vanilla might seem boring, but it’s truly one of the most classic flavors you…Read the story»
3 Cyclists in Forest
High-Intensity Exercise vs. Moderate Intensity Endurance Training
High-intensity interval exercise (HIIE) has been the darling of the fitness world for the better part of the past decade, because these quick, hard intervals can…Read the story»
How Science Evolved its Views on Women’s Health
Men and women are different. This might sound like the opening to a comedy routine, but scientific understanding of the significance of those differences—and how to study them…Read the story»
DrinkRebellious—Loaded with Antioxidants to Boost Immune Systems
Check out our FAQs for more information on the functional benefits that Rebellious Infusions deliver.
A Little Rebellious Fun…

Right up our alley.

Largest Radio-Controlled Airbus A380 (Second Flight)
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