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Rebellious Report—09.22.2020

Man Drinking from Water Bottle next to Colorful Wall

Greetings from Drink Rebellious

This week’s Rebellious Report answers age-old questions such as, “How do I Build a Better Taco?,” “How does Running Benefits my Nervous System?,” and “Can I Cycle Long Distances on a Plant-based Diet?” Our signature section, A Little Rebellious Fun, has video of exploding underwater bubble rings!!

Be safe, be well, stay positive!

Rebel from the Boring.
             Pour in and Rock On.

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Some articles to interest you…

Man Mid-stride Running on San Francisco Street

Here’s How Running Benefits Your Nervous System

Regular exercise, like running, has ample benefits for your cardiovascular system, as well as muscle mass and bone density. But that’s not all…Read the story»

Shirtless Man Cycling on Road Next to River

Two Friends Cycle Across Europe to Prove the Effects of a Plant-Based Diet

Two friends are on a mission to share the benefits of a vegan diet. Ben Brown and Austin Oliver are cycling over 2,000km through Europe on…Read the story »

Overhead Photo of Tacos in a Rack with Various Toppings & Ingredients

How to Build Better Tacos at Home, from the Tortillas to the Toppings

I have read a lot of fine literature in my day, full of beautiful turns of phrases and imagery. One of my favorites, though, is one you, too, may be familiar…Read the story »

Sleeping Woman by Gregory Pappas via Unsplash

The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique Can Help You Fall Asleep Faster

There are few things as frustrating as being unable to fall asleep, especially if you have a big day ahead and need your rest. In a recent…Read the story »

A Little Rebellious Fun…

Say it slowly, “Exploding…Underwater…Bubble…Rings.”
Squirrel Gets Chased by Two Dogs, Does the Most Nimble Escape 

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