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Rebellious Report—10.27.2020

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Welcome to the Rebellious Report.

What is it about fitness and exercise discussions that leads to speculation, hype, and occasional misinformation? This week’s Rebellious Report includes articles about fitness truths and what you should do immediately after a workout. We also have an article about the ongoing boom in Cannonball Runs. Don’t miss a couple of cool videos in A Little Rebellious Fun about sound effects and dry ice bubbles

Be Safe and Be Healthy!

  Pour In and Rock On.
             Smash the Status Quo.

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Fitness, apples, & cannonballs…
The First 3 Things You Should Do Immediately after You Workout
I think we all can agree that working out is exhausting. You push your body to its limits, sweat buckets, and leave the gym looking…Read the story»
Fitness Truths Nobody Will Tell You
If there’s one thing people love doing, it’s making excuses. And if there’s one thing people hate hearing, it’s that they’re making excuses…Read the story»
Are Apples Really that Good for You, and What’s the Healthiest Type?
The fruit selection at your local grocery store is most likely limited to just one kind of banana (Cavendish, by the way), a few…Read the story»
The Incredible Story of the Great Cannonball Boom
When the country shut down and the highways thinned out, a stealthy group of amateur car obsessives glimpsed an… Read the story»
A Little Rebellious Fun…
The World’s Largest Dry Ice Bubble
A foley artist shows how common household items are used for realistic movie sound effects.
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