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Rebellious Report—11.30.2021

Dirt bike jumping, caught in mid-air.

Greetings from Rebellious.

Welcome to the Rebellious Report. In this week’s edition, we cover topics ranging from being in the camp of the greatest marathoner of all time to the kid working hard to clean up the River Seine.

What if Jurassic Park had a black cat instead of a Tyrannosaurus Rex? A Little Rebellious Fun has the video that answers that question!

Here’s to you, Rebels!

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Good info…
Alexandre de Fages de Latour and his son, Raphael, near the Seine in Paris. Credit: Rebecca Rosman/The World
Meet the 11-Year-Old on a Mission to Clean Up the Siene
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has set a goal of making the Seine swimmable by 2024 when her city will host the Olympic Games. If she succeeds, it will be the first … Read the story»
Woman Dressed in White Doing Pushups on Blue Mat on Wood Deck
Five Exercises You Should Keep Doing Your Whole Life
It’s simply a fact that regular exercise is one of the closest things we have to a fountain of youth. Keeping your body moving as you age is the surest way to stay … Read the story»
How to Nap Like a Pro
Some people swear by the energy-boosting power of a midday nap, while others claim it only makes for more grogginess and a bout of insomnia later at night. We spoke with three sleep experts and … Read the story»
Close-up of Face of Marathoner Great Eliud Kipchoge
Inside the Camp, and the Mind, of the Greatest Marathoner
Two stories you need to know about Eliud Kipchoge, each painting a picture of a man who is, well, different. The first is from Vienna, October 12, 2019. Earlier that … Read the story»
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A Little Rebellious Fun…
Jurassic Park but with a Cat

How Bowling Balls are Made

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