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Rebellious Report—06.22.2021

Happy Tuesday!

We're always on the lookout for interesting articles that will help with fitness, eating right, and more. Sometimes, we choose articles because they have words like “fartlek” in the title. Sorry, not sorry.

In this week’s edition of A Little Rebellious Fun, we have great videos of carving a Corvette out of wood and building the world’s smallest bike.

Stay Rebellious out there!

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Man Checking Watch while Running on Side of Road
One-Hour Workout: Endurance & Fartlek Run
This is a simple, low-stress run workout that can help build endurance while also including just enough short fartlek-style intervals to boost speed, form, and cadence. It’s a workout that’s easy to scale back or add to, depending…Read the story»
8 Fruits & Vegetables to Keep Your Dog Happy & Healthy
In many households, dogs are looked at as a furry family member, not just a pet. We love our dogs and care for them almost like we would a child. It is important… Read the story»
Hand Holding Bottle of Beer in Front of Slived Watermelon
Best Summer Beers to Drink While Grilling
Grilling season is here, and that means it’s time to stock your fridge and coolers with summer beers. One of life’s greatest pleasures is standing before a glowing grill, spatula in one hand, frosty beer in the other, as sausages…Read the story»
Patent Drawing for Popsicle
The Surprisingly Fun Story of How the Popsicle was Invented by an 11-Year-Old
Summertime is upon us, and after this last year, people are pretty eager to enjoy the long sunny days ahead. As a kid, nothing was better on a hot summer… Read the story»
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A Little Rebellious Fun…

Wood Carving—2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8

World’s Smallest Bike
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