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Rebellious Report—07.21.2020

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Good Morning!

It’s Summer, it’s hot, but here at Drink Rebellious World HQ,  we want to give you some info about eating your water and rebelling against so-called “healthy” ice cream. Also, there’s a couple of videos you must see below in A Little Rebellious Fun!

Please be safe, be well, and stay healthy.

Pour In and Rock On.
             Rebel From the Boring.

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Let’s see the good stuff…

How to Boost Your Immune System: Under the Radar Ways 

We’ve examined the most basic ways to boost your immune system in great detail, but here are five lesser-known and less-publicized ways to… Read the Story »

Man Enjoying Ice Cream with Friends

‘Healthy’ Ice Cream Is Dumb. Long Live Real Ice Cream

A dietitian defends his position: “I remember it clearly. It was the 1990s. I had to lose weight to play football and I went out with some friends to our local ice cream shop near my…” Read the story »

Refreshment by NataliSamorod via Pizabay

Eat Your Water: 12 Hydrating Healthy Fruits and Vegetables 

The human body is 55–60% water, and it needs a fresh daily supply for proper digestion, to keep organs functioning, joints lubricated, and otherwise…Read the story »

Pair of Hikers Walking along Trail (courtesy US Natl Forest Svc)

Maximise the Well-Being Benefits of Getting Outdoors 

For many of us who’ve spent more time cooped up in our homes than ever over the past few months, heading out to our local park and spending some time in nature has offered…Read the story »

A Little Rebellious Fun…

If you walk down the main strip in any major city, you will see some truly epic street performances!
Who has a giant axe blade laying around that we can put to “good use?”

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