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Rebellious Report—08.18.2020

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Hello from Drink Rebellious!

What do coconuts, squats, and omega-3s have in common with each other? Each is a different angle on making you better, and we have articles linked below to all of them. Our signature section, A Little Rebellious Fun, has a couple of hilarious videos from inventors who’ll try anything.

Be safe, be well, be positive.

Smash The Status Quo.
             Rebel From The Boring.

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More good stuff to share…

Woman Performing Squat while holding Weightlifting Bar

Squatting Benefits: Why You Should Do It Every Day

First off, when triathletes think of squats often they think of a bulking, grinding, and potentially dangerous exercise reserved for football players and gym rats. But not every…Read the story»

Coconut Sliced in Half on White Surface with white Background

The Other White Meat: Why You Should Eat Coconut for Strong Muscles and More!

So you want lean muscle mass, eh? Then put down that burger and listen up! Regardless of all that propaganda out there telling you that…Read the story »

Double-stack Walnut Burger with Onions Cheese Tomatoes Lettuce and a Plate with Other Vegetables

So You Want Some Omega 3s? Skip the Salmon and Eat These Healthy Fats Instead

Salmon and other fish are prized as the best way to get the important, anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acids into our diets. And while fish does contain Omega 3 fats…Read the story »

Man Running Mid-Stride with City and Mountain in Background

High Blood Sugar Could Affect Your Performance

New research in the journal Nature Metabolism suggests having consistently high blood sugar could affect your running performance by preventing muscle growth in response to your training…Read the story »

A Little Rebellious Fun…

Guy goes underwater to test whether sharks are more attracted to fish or human blood. Gets the crap scared out of him.
Colin Furze devises the ultimate backyard swing that blows all of the conventional ones out of the water.

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