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Rebellious Report—07.14.2020

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We have a great update for you this week, with plenty of info on healthy eating during the height of Summer. And who says you have to put the usual, boring ingredients on hot dogs? Be sure to check out A Little Rebellious Fun, our signature section, for a couple of great videos!

Please be safe, be well, and stay healthy.

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What caught our eye this week…

Chicken and Green Salad on Dish

10 Food Swaps for Weight Loss 

“When I got out of college, I had a pretty hefty beer gut. As it turns out, keg stands are not a very effective form of exercise. So naturally I wanted…” Read the Story »

Man with Glasses Eating Hot Dog

Ketchup and Mustard are Boring Hot Dog Toppings

Hot dogs deserve better. For too long, hot dogs have been charred to a crisp over too-fiery grills and then in order to give the dogs some… Read the story »

Aloe Vera Plant with Drop of Aloe

8 Amazing Benefits and Uses for Aloe Vera 

You likely know aloe vera for one of two things: a) being a popular houseplant amongst millennials or b) the gooey substance that gives you relief from…Read the story »

Wild Summer Salad: Chicken & Arugula Salad with Watermelon 

When it’s 100 degrees outside, it feels better to skip the stove and go for something simple and fresh. This refreshing summer salad is loaded with chicken…Get the recipe »


A Little Rebellious Fun…

So, superheroes are real? Not quite, but kind-a-sort of. Here are 15 superhero gadgets that actually exist.
Watch this genius dog get his ball from the pool without getting wet. Isn't he a smart dog?
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