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Rebellious Report—08.11.2020


Here at the Rebellious Report, we always have the good stuff for you. From recommendations for delicious low-calorie beers to exploring U.S. national parks, and everything in between. Plus, check out A Little Rebellious Fun to see how the legendary band Nirvana has gone swing.

Please stay healthy and stay positive.

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Rebellious Infusions are refreshing, 100% plant-based, and USDA certified organic. They’re also keto- and paleo- friendly. This means everyone can delight in the natural goodness of Rebellious focused energy infusions with antioxidants to support immune systems. Rebellious Infusions means healthy hydration.

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More good stuff to share…

Hand Reaching and Opening Can of Slightly Mighty Beer

10 Low-Calorie Beers that are High in Deliciousness

A decade or so ago, the “light beer” world was about as exciting as the world of “low-fat potato chips” or “gluten-free cookies.” In fact, light beers called themselves "lite," as if exchanging…See the full list»

Woman with Backpack Surrounded by and Staring up at Redwood Trees

Redwood National Park Is Straight Out of ‘Star Wars’

62 Parks Traveler started with a simple goal: to visit every U.S. national park in one year. Avid backpacker and public-lands nerd Emily Pennington saved up, built out a tiny van to…Read the story »

Cam Newton by Rena Schild /

NFL Quarterback Cam Newton Talks about His Plant-Based Diet

NFL quarterback Cam Newton has been vegan since March 2019. Newton started a meat-free diet to help his body recover from injuries. And now he’s…Read the story »

Pair of Hands in Rich Planting Seedling

How Growing Your Own Food Can Benefit the Planet and Why You Should Consider It

Buying food that is locally grown from your farmer’s market or local grocer is a great way to minimize…Read the story »

A Little Rebellious Fun…

This 1-minute, 15-second video has to be seen to be believed! Someone re-imagined Nirvana’s Come as You Are as a swing song. 🤣
Let’s buy a 200-watt laser. Couldn’t possibly be any downsides…

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