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Rebellious Report—08.31.2021

Woman Running Up Sand Dune with Dog

How’s it going?

Here at Rebellious, we love sharing articles with great information on fitness and nutrition! Check out the items below.

Two awesome clips this week in A Little Rebellious Fun: one is an unbelievable stop-motion video using wood matches and the other is mountain bikes hitting incredible drops in urban areas.


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Here’s what we’re sharing this week…
Woman in Grey Sweater Eating Avocado Salad
Eating Plant-Based Diet May Lower Cardiovascular Risk
For adults both young and old, eating a nutritious, plant-based diet may lower the risk for heart attacks and other types of cardiovascular disease, two new studies show. Both studies published… Read the story»
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Mythbusters for 4 Wellness Trends 
The ability of the human population to produce unending reams of utterly nonsensical health and wellness trends is unparalleled. Never content to rest on our laurels, humankind feels compelled to come up with some… Read the story»
Woman in Running Gear Tying Running Shoe on Track
6 Best Cardio Exercises for Bad Knees 
Exercises for bad knees have one common denominator: they're low impact. By no stretch of the imagination does that mean you won't be able to get a sweat on, though. Let us explain. Overdoing it on certain cardio…Read the story»
Smiling Man in Denim Jacket Holding Wine Glass
Stay on Track with Your Fitness Goals during Patio Season
When the warm weather kicks in, we are drawn to the patio for some rest, relaxation, and maybe a few cold beverages and warm appetizers. The key is to be flexible and remember that… Read the story»
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A Little Rebellious Fun…
Matches (Unbelieveable Stop-Motion Video)

Hitting a Big Drop and Epic Urban MTB Freeride Lines

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