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Rebellious Report—10.07.2020

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Welcome to the Rebellious Report.

When is the best time to workout? In this week’s Rebellious Report, we look at how science answers that question. We also go beyond that and find out about mind games you can use to get through workouts, and how 8 tiny changes can make a big difference. Watch our signature section, A Little Rebellious Fun, to see a mountain-biker do his thing on one of Europe’s top courses.

Be Safe and Be Healthy!

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We are Tenacious.
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Woman's Legs with Pink Shoes on Weightlifting Machine
What Mind Games Do you Play on Yourself During Exercise?
As I’m slogging through a run, I never tell myself I’m halfway. Everything I just did, I have to do it all again? Not a helpful…Read the story»
Coiled Jumprope, Old Alarm Clock and Small Weights on Pink & Blue Background
When is the Best Time to Work Out? Here’s What Science Says
It’s a debate that never seems to get settled: When is the best time to work out? Are you more likely to experience the bennies of…Read the story»
Man Doing Push-ups on Living Room Floor
How Many Calories Do Push-ups and Other Strength Exercises Burn?
Strength training is just as important as the miles you log each week when it comes to boosting your performance. Simply put, if.…Read the story»
Man Using Vertical Post to Stretch Arm (from behind)
80/20 Fitness: Eight Tiny Habits that Get Big Results
There are no magic pills in fitness.  There are no secret techniques you can use to avoid the need for diet and exercise. However, there are a few…Read the story»
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