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Rebellious Report—10.20.2020

Male and Female Runners Sharing Blue Drink Bottle

Welcome to the Rebellious Report.

Have you thought about how to keep in shape as the weather gets colder? How about a beginner’s guide to bodyweight workouts? In this week’s Rebellious Report, we also have an article about the best ways to go hiking with your dog and a great recipe for a Wild Carne Asada Bowl. A Little Rebellious Fun has a couple of great videos of slip-n-slides and RC cars on mountain bike trails.

Be Safe and Be Healthy!

  Smash The Status Quo.
             Rethink Your Drink.

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The latest…
Dog Running with Stick
10 Reasons You Should Be Hiking with Your Dog
Hiking/backpacking is a healthy, noncompetitive, and inexpensive form of outdoor recreation. It is the perfect escape from…Read the story»
Wild Carne Asada Bowl
Wild Carne Asada Bowl: What to Eat on Taco Tuesday
There’s more than one way to celebrate Taco Tuesday. This Wild Carne Asada Bowl is packed with flavor—from the spicy…Read the story»
7 Easy Apple Crisp Recipes to Make This Fall
Now that all the apples have been picked, it’s time to get baking. Arguably one of the best fall desserts—don’t worry, pumpkin pie…Read the story»
GIF of Woman Doing Jumping Jack on a Hardwood Floor
The Beginner Bodyweight Workout: Try This 20-Minute Routine
So you want to lose weight and get in shape, but you don’t want to leave your house? Well, as your fitness Yoda, I will teach you a great…Read the story»
A Little Rebellious Fun…
Riding mountain bikes with an RC car. What could go wrong?
Attempting to set a world record on a homemade slip-n-slide.
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