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Rebellious Report—08.04.2020

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What’s up?

We’re answering all the important questions in this Rebellious Report: What’s the best way to wash workout clothes? (no points for “often”). How do you get better at running when you can’t run? Don’t miss the article and behind-the-scenes video in Hawaii for the film, Return to Earth. Plus, there’s some amazing video of skateboarder Isamu Yamamoto and something for Bruce Willis fans in A Little Rebellious Fun.

Please stay healthy and stay positive.

Rebel From The Boring
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More good stuff to share…

Cyclist Getting Big Air during Filming of 'Return to Earth' in Hawaii (photo by Sterling Lorence)

Return to Earth: Behind the Final Scene in Hawaii

The final seconds of Return to Earth contains one of the film’s strongest shots. The concept of the final Hawaii segment was to capture all the athletes coalescing…Read the story & see the video»

How to Wash Workout Clothes the Right Way

Go weeks without washing your jeans and it’s likely no one will even notice—we promise we won’t tell. But skip laundry day on your workout gear and you’ll be doing yourself… Read the story »

Green Kettle Bells on a Floor in a Gym

Ask a Trainer: How Do I Fit Strength Training into My Busy Schedule?

It can help to look at strength training as supplemental work to swimming, biking, and running that doesn’t have to be long or complicated. Frequency beats duration.…See the list »

How to Get Better at Running When You Can’t Run

Whether it’s an injury, a new baby, or a global pandemic, most of us will need to take a break eventually (and it’s actually healthy to do so).… Read the story »

A Little Rebellious Fun…

No big jumps, no big half-pipe but this has to be the most artistic & precise skateboarding we’ve seen!
This Die Hard fan built an art installation that makes it looks like Bruce Willis crawling inside his vent. 

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